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Thanks for your interest in the opportunity to build your own nationwide "virtual agency" within our system, and in our mission to educate every family in every town in North America about the new modern life insurance with FULL LIVING BENEFITS... life insurance you DON'T have to die to use… and about the new SMARTER and SAFER way to save for retirement, with no market risk and no taxes when you take the money out.

Our parent company is owned by Transamerica and they are BY FAR the largest marketing organization in the life insurance industry. They paid out $732 Million in commissions, bonuses, and overrides in 2015, and Transamerica's goal is to QUADRUPLE that to $4 Billion paid out in 2020.

We are taking this proven and VERY successful business model into a completely virtual environment which means NO DRIVING REQUIRED EVER. Our associates are Independent Contractors who can work from anywhere with the Flexibility and Freedom to set their own schedule and with no limit what they can earn.

We have a very aggressive growth plan and we are seeking strong, self-motivated individuals in 418 market areas throughout the United States for the following roles within our system:

* Business Development / Lead Generation
* Sphere of Influence Referral Partners
* Producer / Consultant
* Recruiter / Inviter
* Sales Team Leader / Manager

This a realistic 6-figure plus opportunity for proven for a self-motivated individual who is willing to follow the system and put in the work, and a realistic mid-6 figure opportunity for an effective entrepreneurial leader.

Whether you are an industry pro, or brand new to the industry, we can show you how to have your best year ever.

Most of our associates start Part Time which is fine as long as you can put in at least 15 hours a week of productive time. This can be a "parallel career" and additional income stream for as long as you like.

If you'd like to be considered for a role on our team, please fill out the information below completely.

We get back to you within 3 business days. If it looks like we might be a match, we'll set up an initial phone interview to answer any remaining questions and see if we might be a match.

Thanks again for your interest, fill out Request for Interview form below completely and we’ll be in touch very soon.